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How to pay

(1) to reduce the payment risk, we must reserve ourselves the right to carry out the delivery requested by you only against payment in advance. In this case, you may accept this or may withdraw the order.

(2) We offer the following payment types to you:

  • By Payment in Advance:
    If your parcel is ready to ship we send you a Pro Forma Invoice (normally by E-Mail as PDF File).
    The articles are reserved then for you two weeks. After payment of that Pro-Forma-Invoice we immediately ship the parcel together with an original Invoice.
    In transfer out of foreign countries, be aware NO EXTRA CHARGES at our costs.

  • By Credit Card: (On orders outside of Germany)
    Eurocard/Mastercard, American Express and Visa. In addition to the card number, the validity and the credit card company we require the verification number of your credit card. The verification number consists of three digits (Eurocard/Mastercard, Visa) or four digits (American Express). We charge your credit card with the invoice sum just before shipment.
    The CreditCard fees are 2,5% outside of a country of the EU.

  • Within Germany by means of SEPA-Direct Debiting:
    If you are a first time customer we need a signed letter from you by postal mail with your banc data and the allowance to verify these data within customer databases like Schufa, CreditReform. On payment by SEPA-Direct debiting we charge your account, if you are an existing customer, not before shipment.
    If you are a new customer we ship at the time as the bancing system has accepted our SEPA-Direct Debiting order.

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